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Creating a GREAT and affordable website for your business! Creating a GREAT and affordable website for your business!

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Website Upgrades & Modifications Website Upgrades & Modifications

An upgrade can make all the difference! We can give your website a fresh look and making it more interesting, meeting today's requirements.

On the long to-do list that all business owners have, it is tempting to overlook the item "update company website". It probably has been a few years ago your website has been constructed and your business may not have changed much at all. So you may think "why should you make changes to my website?

Well, there are plenty of reasons, as your website is effectively your business-card. Often someone's first impression of your business comes from your website. Mind you, your customers will look at your business' website to validate the quality of your business, your products and your services. The chances may well be that your website isn't really up to scratch and is therefore not really working for you, not to mention that it could possibly be working against you.

If you haven't changed the basic look of your website for a while, the problem may be the design itself. As an older design may cause visual fatigue, a visitor may no longer "see" the information on your website, including any recent small changes or additions, because it appears all too familiar from past visits. There's another reason to keep a website consistently refreshed: The more a website is updated, the more likely it is to stay high in the search-engines' page ranks.

Although there is no hard-and-fast rule on how often to redesign your website, it helps knowing what to aim for.

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