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Cloud based software is better than your regular software, because it runs software - using your web browser - over the internet and is located on a cloud (a secure web-server). This means:
  • Accessible from any computer at anytime and anywhere
  • It is multi-user
  • Cloud based software is like your online bank or cloud based email program
  • Your web software and data are safe, secure, and password protected
  • The web-server your software is running on and your data is stored on is updated regularly with the latest security patches
  • Cloud based software platform independent, therefore works on a Mac, Windows or Linux, as it uses your web-browser connecting to your cloud based software
  • You don't have to install any programmes from a CD or download any software
  • No worries about upgrades.
Often this type of configuration is integrated with a front-end public website.

  • Clients database system
  • Club members database system
  • Other business related information source or database
  • .... your imagination is the limit!

Why is it better and easier for my business?
  • Accessible from anywhere!
  • It is multi-user
  • You don't have to worry about any software related matters, like installation, updates, upgrades, etc.
  • We handle all the security, upgrades and backups (optional)

Cloud based software is much safer
With traditional software, data is saved on your PC or laptop. A backup is usually done on a portable hard drives or a USB drive. This method is NOT as safe as you may think. This as computers are rarely backed up properly or regularly.
Consider the situation that your PC would get stolen, that could be a disaster for your business.

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